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Sony Ericsson Z750i Attractive And Beautifully Designed

By: Samuel Herrick

The new Sony Ericsson Z750i mobile phone known for attractive and beautifully designed handset comes with a smooth and shiny casing. The mobile handset is 20mm deep, 97.4mm high and 49mm wide making it a solid and neat sized handset. The Z750i model handset coming from Sony Ericsson is 110 grams in weight making it comfortable to hold in hand. The mobile phone comes with an internal screen that provides up to 262,144 colours on a TFT screen with a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The most attractive part of the mobile phone is the built in 2 megapixel digital camera that ill help the user to capture perfect pictures. With the 4 x digital zoom camera, it is possible for the user to capture photos and video footage quickly and easily on the mobile phone. The user with the built in video feature can record, playback, store, share and stream video footage on the Sony Ericsson Z750i. It is also possible for the user to share the photos among the friends.

The new Sony Ericsson Z750i mobile phone comes with a built in media player that will help the user in downloading the popular musical formats on the handset. The mobile phone also has a built in FM radio feature that guarantees perfect musical entertainment. With this mobile phone, it is possible for the user to create his ring tone. This model from Sony Ericsson Z70i comes with hands free facility that helps the user in making calls without holding the phone in the hand.

This model mobile phone also has the facilities like SMS text messaging, email and MMS multimedia messaging which makes this model really sophisticated. The Sony ericsson Z750i model mobile phone comes with 32 Mbytes of internal memory that can be expanded by using a Micro M2 memory stick that will help the user in storing the relevant documents.

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