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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Reviews

LG KF750 Secret Vs Sony Ericsson Xperia X1: The masters in conflict
By Kelly Devon

Both the phones are experts in their own way. Both have successfully turned numerous heads towards them and both have gained high public recognition.

Talking about the LG KF750 Secret, the phone is indeed a boss in the field. It is loaded with numerous exciting features which are making it stand out from the crowd. The sleek and compact phone is extremely light weight as well.

The TFT touch screen of this gadget besides having numerous splendid features like accelerometer sensor for auto rotate, touch sensitive navigation panel with haptics and limited touch screen functionality, has a high resolution screen as well. This gadget supports all the popular ringtones like MP3, polyphonic etc. the user can easily customise the ringtones with his choice with extreme ease. It has an internal memory of 100 MB which is expandable up to 4 GB. The user is free to store whatever he wishes to in his gadget. The whopping memory gives him a sigh of relief during sharing also.

The popular connectivity options like bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and USB lets the user to connect through all the possible means and share the data with whomsoever he wants. The messaging options like SMS, MMS, EMS, email etc. helps the user stay in touch with his dear ones throughout. The WAP 2.0 allows the user surf internet whenever he wishes to do so.

The user can get his adrenaline rushing at any point of the day with the help of 6 pre loaded games. This modern gizmo looks exceptional in its black coloured body. The 5 MP camera makes it absolutely gracious. LG KF750 Secret lets the user encounter a real digital camera experience. The camera features like auto focus, face detection, video, flash, secondary video call camera etc. makes the photography experience a real fun. The additional features like carbon fiber battery cover, TV out, FM radio, organiser, T9, motion based games etc. add glamour to its aura. The phone is a complete package and it comes in an extremely easy to own price.

Switching over to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, the gadget is a perfect blend of world class functionalities and splendid looks. It has all the features that the user can ever imagine to have in his handset. It has a TFT touch screen which is loaded with numerous exciting features like full QWERTY keypad and a optical joystick navigation which lets the user enjoy his encounter with the gadget. Is is besotted with all the popular connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE, USB and bluetooth. The phone looks gracious in its solid black and steel silver body. The 3.15 MP camera adds grace to the phone and lets the user preserve the precious moments of his life. The camera has numerous exciting features that makes the photography even more pleasurable experience. The additional features like built in GPS receiver, A-GPS function, JAVA MIDP, FM radio with RDS and motion sensor. The audio quality of this gadget is indeed worth listening to and it makes it almost impossible for the user to leave the phone and do something else when he is listening to his favourite music on the phone. The music player supports all the popular formats like MP3, AAC, MPEG4 and many more.

The attributes like organiser, T9, picture editor, FM radio, motion sensor, TrackID music recognition etc. makes the phone a wonder piece. Both the phones are designed very cleverly as both are capable enough to make the user go absolutely addicted right from his very first encounter with them. Besides, the looks of both the mobile handsets can make any one fall for them. The battery life is appreciable too. These give the user a sigh of relief whenever he is using the phone to entertain himself for long hours. These gadgets come in an astonishingly low cost which further adds to the craze that the user has in his mind for them.

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X1 Xperia - Experience the Whole New World
By Mark Hirst

Experience the world in new dimensions with the fantastic Xperia X1 from Sony Ericsson.

Before we take a look at the Sony Ericsson's Xpreia X1, it is worth knowing a piece of context, to see why this super-phone from the Sony Ericsson is setting fire to the whole world... and more importantly, it is good to know where it has come from, and what is the heritage that it has to be up to! It is fair to mention that there is a lot of interest present in the new Xperia X1; it is just one amongst those mobiles that has caught the attention of the public. The big thing that has really caught the people off guard as soon as it was announced is the truth that the Xperia X1 is the Sony Ericsson's first phone using the Windows Mobile Operating System.

Now, you might ask why that is so important, and why have they chosen to do it. It has a simple answer, if you wish to break it down, that by using the Windows Mobile Operating System; it gives the Sony Ericsson a brand new opening to get into the very important markets: 1) the business users, who like using the Windows Mobile as it is compatible with their PCs, and 2) the America. Yes, that's right, the America. You see, the thing which really characterizes the American market is that even though a vast range of mobile phones are available, they are all not that great. I happened to check that on few of the big websites of the networks, like Verizon and unfortunately, it is true. This possibly explains the reason why the iPhone is being sold pretty well over there. They are sold in lower numbers in the UK.

This is the problem with the mobile phone market of US. It is dominated by phones such as the Motorola RAZR, the low power phones that won't do a big deal. All of that is down to apathy, as well as partly down to the truth that the big networks present over there like the people to remain in long contracts, with the cheaper mobile phones. And keeping apart the iphone, the only advanced and enhanced operating system that is now widely in use in the USA is the Windows Mobile Operating System. Symbian, for instance, is severely represented lower, which is the reason why the Sony Ericsson has got in with the Windows Mobile for the Xperia X1.

Providing a top-end phone (which is not one of those low-end, boring phones), that does similar things as the iPhone, and power the phone with an OS that the people are well known of, and you will have a sure hit. Simple, right? That is the reason why the Xperia X1 is being powered by the Windows Mobile; the Sony Ericsson knew they had to have the better chance of hitting the market of America if they did. In fact, also if the device allows them to target the customers present around the world, then it is so much better. And if you like to compare the mobile phones, think of the products representing America (like the Motorola RAZR), and then think of the products representing the UK (like the HTC TyTN). Now chuck the Xperia X1 by Sony Ericsson against both of these. It'll surely win..

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Xperia Becomes Beautiful With the Different Hues
By Mark Hirst

The Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 is the source of pride to its manufacturers. It is elegantly designed as the arc slider phone. With many kinds of phones that are soon to sprout up in the present day markets, this new entry from the Sony Ericsson gives a heavy punch. The phone is the multimedia device for mobile communication, meaning that communicating isn't the only thing that it has to do for its name. Everyone will surely appreciate a great multimedia-enabled mobile phone, which has all the features for music, photos and videos, Internet as well as navigation features. In all those regards, the Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 is not going to be something that can be under-estimated. But, in fact, more could be expected from the handset!

When Chocolate Pink from LG was released into the market, the product's appeal does not only rely on the truth that it arrives from one amongst the most reputable highly respected telecommunication companies. Lots of people were attracted initially to it because of the spectacular design. Resembling much to that favorite big chocolate bar, complemented with delicious strawberry color, the LG Chocolate Pink feels like the heavenly delight of all girls.

Today, the Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 does not only attempt to beat the Apple's iPhone, but also it will attempt to trace the route that was trudged upon by the Chocolate. There are various color variations so far that have been presented to the entire world. For instance, when the Sony Ericsson has decided to unravel the beauty of its Xperia X1 for the first time in the Barcelona, Spain, during the Mobile World Congress Conference, it spelt ebony. The color brings sophistication and elegance to the phone, which you might have seldom seen in numerous smart and featured phones these days. Generally, their colors are much funky and vibrant, perhaps for capturing the attention of the professionals and young adults. Nevertheless, when the Sony Ericsson has participated in a different exhibit, in New Delhi this time, for the Mobile Asia very recently, it is as if the whole population has seen a different angle of the Xperia X1. Instead of the sporting classic black, it was more contemporary: in silver with some metallic finishing touch in it.

So, by this trend, can we conclude that we can expect other types of hues soon anytime? It is highly possible, keeping in mind that there are several individuals present out there who would crave to reflect their personalities by using elegant colors to their belongings, particularly their phone covers. In fact, the color has nothing to do with the technical performance of the mobile phone, but it will surely help to heighten the suspense by increasing the intrigue.

Making things much exciting is the truth that Nokia too might be launching N96 as a decent competitor for the Xperia 1. With the way these things are going in a competitive fashion, it appears like we can expect huge developments before this year ends.

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