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Nokia N93i

Nokia N93i - Entertainment on your Handset

By: Adam Caitlin

Remember the old days of telephones, when you had to stand in a line in a telephone booth to make a call? Those days have now become a memory. With the arrival of mobile phones, the concept of telecommunications has got a real face lift. Nokia, one of the largest selling model handset enjoys a major part of the mobile phone market with really mind blowing features. Any model from Nokia has succeeded in grabbing the hearts of the mobile phone users with an array of really fascinating features. The latest N93i is not an exception to this trend.

The Nokia N93i model handset belonging to the popular N series is a video and image focused smart phone that has emerged as one of the biggest players in the mobile phone market - thanks to the user friendly features and attractive design aspects of the handset. Coming in a choice of colors including silver grey color and burgundy red color, the phone succeeds in attracting the hearts of beauty loving users. The clamshell opening mechanism makes it easy for the user to view information internally and externally with the support of the subtle external display. The user can enjoy 16.7 million colors on a large high resolution screen which could not have been possible on any other model handset.

If you are a user who is looking for a model that could provide an excellent internal memory, then come to the N93i handset. With 50 Mbytes of internal memory, you could easily store all the relevant information into the handset. If needed it is even possible to expand the memory option of the handset with a MicroSD memory card to suit the storage needs.

Now let us pass our eyes on to the measurement of this handset. Measuring 108mm x 58mm x 25mm, this model handset is comfortable and easy to hold in hand. Weighing 163 grams, the phone can be an asset for the user if he is interested in travel. There is also another reason, why the phone is called a buddy of the travel loving users. The handset from Nokia comes with a built-in digital camera that could click the photos with high quality. The 3x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom camera also has a Carl Zeiss lens that guarantees clear and precise photos. The camera option does not end with clicking the photos. The user can comfortably store, send and share the photos among the friends bringing in an element of enjoyment onto the mobile phone.

Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry. Who writes on Cheap Mobile Phones, Simfree phones and Nokia N93i

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