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Nokia n80

Nokia N80 - The Ultimate Smartphone

By: Fallon Seabrook

The new generation of smartphones comes with a wide range of improved features, both technical and optical features. One of the smartphones that is gaining more and more success is the Nokia N80, a mobile phone with an excellent camera and screen, together with other optimized multimedia features.

Why is Nokia N80 called a smart phone? Simply because it presents a great variety of optimized tech features and it weights just 135 grams. Among the best features that this phone provides, there is the rapid Internet connection, in addition to the possibility of sending and receiving emails at Wireless LAN speeds.

Another appealing feature that this mobile phone presents refers to its high definition screen that presents not less than 262.144 colors and a resolution of 352x416 pixels. This actually means that Nokia N80 has with 90% more pixels than other smart phones with PDA or OVGA screens. This is clearly and advantage when talking about Nokia N80 and one of the top reasons why customers choose it.

What other features does Nokia N80 present? Nokia N80 also includes a MPEG4 AVC decoding support for high quality video streaming. If talking about the camera of this phone, then it must be mentioned that it works at a maximum resolution of 3 mega pixels, or, more specifically, 2048x1536 pixels. Besides these, the mobile phone has an FM radio, with a visual radio support (basically meaning that the users can connect to a channel that offers information regarding the playlists) and it also works as an mp3 player. What about the memory of this phone? Nokia N80 offers a memory of 40MB, meaning that the user can actually save up to 1000 high resolution pictures. And this is precisely one of the reasons why this phone is an actual smartphone.

What about the design? Nokia N80 has a rather wedged shape, with rougher contours than similar Nokia models. When talking about this phone's appearance, it must be noticed that the designers were focused more on functionality and use rather than on the most stylish appearance: the facade is brushed and the body is textured black, meaning that this phone resists better to fingerprints and scratches than glossier mobile phones. Besides these, this mobile phone can be held and carried easily and, furthermore, the main controls can be accessed even when the slide is closed.

In conclusion, Nokia N80 is, indeed, a "smart phone" with over the top multimedia capabilities, a functional design and great memory. If these are what you are looking for in a mobile phone, then Nokia N80 might be the phone for you.

Nokia N80

By: Bill Pratt

Nokia N80 is a phone in Nokia N series which is the outcome of almost three years of research and development to provide the cell phone freaks with a phone which is much more advanced and sophisticated in the current generation of cell phones. The handset is designed in a way that it looks very pretty to look at with the perfect combination of chrome and metal in it structure. It is available in two colors of silver and black which is mostly, the most wanted color choice of the cell phone buyers.

Talking about the salient features of Nokia N80, we have to for sure keep in mind its camera, Internet connectivity, its music player, the smart display unit/screen and also the advanced Java downloadable games. Let's just have a quick overview of all its wings.

The cell phone has a TFT screen with a range of almost 256K colors and the screen size of 352*416 pixels. It has the availability of beautiful ring tones in various formats like Polyphonic, Monophonic, True Tones, MP3 and all can be easily downloaded too.

It is also supported by symbian OS- S60, 3rd edition and also facilitates the users to enhance its memory unit by providing a miniSD slot of up to 2 GB so that a huge range of songs and pictures can be stored in the phone. There is also a 128 MB Memory card been provided with the handset as default storage space for memory extension.

The internet connectivity is one very strong feature of this model as it is quite feasible to have Bluetooth, infrared port and also a USB port working on it to connect our handset with the Computer and download or upload the data either ways.

Apart from these facilities, we can without any hurdle enjoy sending and receiving SMS, MMS, Emails and also have fun doing Instant Messaging . The cell has the3 Mega pixel camera with 2048x1536 pixels, which is supported by Lan and Bluetooth both to transfer the pictures in fraction of seconds with the help of Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi or USB. The software which supports the camera is smart enough to have the self timer, adjust brightness, sharpness and color adjustments too.

This cell also has the multimedia key to work as a shortcut to have control on five different applications in the phone.

Thus, it will be absolutely appropriate to state that this model of N Series is one store which has play back music device, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless music sharing feature all in one and that too with the perfect combination of design and functionality.

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