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LG U830
LG U830 Very Effective and Vivid
By: Samuel Herrick

The LG U830 mobile phone is an updated version of another LG mobile phone, which is the LG KG810. The features and specifications of the old model of mobile phone have been significantly improved to design the new LG U830. The third generation (3G) capabilities of this mobile phone model from LG Electronics make it a great buy. The innovative capabilities are supported well by a sleek and stylish design.

The design of this phone is classic clamshell. An external TFT screen and a 256K internal display make the LG U830 quite trendy as well as user friendly. The picture resolution of the internal display is very effective and vivid, which makes the option of video streaming on this mobile phone an enjoyable one. It comes with an integrated VGA camera that can be used for making video calls. The concept of talking to loved ones and simultaneously seeing the expression on their faces have to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The integrated 2.0 megapixel camera is quite efficient in capturing high resolution images from day to day life. One can use the camera options of this mobile phone models for video recording as well. One can listen to music files in different file formats on the built-in media player. The sound quality is mesmerizing, to say the least. Even the quality of the graphics leaves little scope for improvement. Bluetooth stereo headphones ensure that one can enjoy music without going into the hassle with wires.

This tri-band GSM phone can be used to remain connected with people from different continents. One need not worry about network coverage; the handset is technically empowered to take care of this specific issue. High speed Internet access and email access make the LG U830 mobile phone quite the handset to acquire and use.

LG U830 - Go 3G in Style
By: Carly Charu

It does take a lot to carved a niche in the highly competitive world of mobile phones and LG has done it very well. LG has already released a comprehensive range of mobile handsets, which are not only good in looks, but also offer a lot in features. As such nothing is static in the world of mobile phones, as things are evolving with a consistent pace, hence you need to offer more every time you release a new handset. So far, LG has proved its acumen by releasing some of the most illustrating and user friendly gadgets. Of late, LG released its highly acclaimed clamshell 'Chocolate design' which made the huge impact in the couple of days of its release. Carrying on with the same design, LG has come up with another highly anticipated mobile handset - the LG U830

The LG U830 has been designed with the ultimate precision to make it a highly stylish gadget. Actually, this dynamic gizmo gained substantial popularity as a twin camera flip phone, which also supports 3G technology. The LG U830 is too good, when it comes to superb features. Offering more in the easiest possible way, theLG U830 is also endowed with touch sensitive music controls, which give you direct access to all your favourite stuff. Besides that, it also comes with two TFT display screens and a streaming TV option. As mentioned earlier, the LG U830 is quite popular as a camera flip phone, as it is equipped with a 2.0 mega pixels camera. As compared to various other popular camera phones, this camera is not that much good, but it can surely capture those larger than life images for you - the way you want. After grabbing all those pictures, you can also make all those desired changes with the assistance of its image editor feature. The LG U830 is also loaded with a VGA camera, which is specifically fitted for video calling.

Keeping you connected across the five continents, the LG U830 supports the popular Tri-band GSM network and UMTS. Hence, you can rely on your LG U830, when it comes to unparalleled connectivity. As such, the LG U830 is loaded with 180MB of inbuilt memory, which allows you to treasure all your stuff - songs, video clips and content. You can also share data with any compatible device via USB port or Bluetooth. Surely, the LG U830 can make a big difference in your ever-evolving mobile life.

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LG U830: THe Enticing Digital Treat
By: Alice Erin

Over the years, LG has become a renowned mobile handset manufacturing company by introducing a flurry of good handsets. The trend continues, as with the passage of time, it has literally become mandatory for the mobile phone manufacturing companies to produce exquisite mobile handsets, which support various latest features and functionalities. LG's worldwide acclaimed clamshell form of the 'Chocolate design' has really spiced up the things further, in terms of style and features. Sticking to the same alluring design, this time LG introduced another much anticipated gizmo - the LG U830 .

The LG U830 does carry lot of style, but it is basically known as a twin camera flip phone, loaded with 3G features. Wrapped in sleep piano black colour, the LG U830 is a clamshell phone, which is perfected with rare materials to lure you no end. However, its inside does not look that much impressive as compared to its exterior and it seems as if not much attention has been paid to add something new into it. Being a compatible phone, the LG U830 is not only about looks, but there is lot to look for in features. To make things easier, it also comes with touch sensitive music controls, besides two TFT display and streaming TV.

The LG U830 earned its most famous name as camera flip phone, as it comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera. Although, this is not a very high quality camera, but it does give you good pictures. After clicking and treasuring all your right stuff, you can make some changes with the help of image editor. Besides, you can also capture moving action with its video recording feature. There is another VGA camera specifically integrated for video calling.

As the LG U830 supports the tri-band GSM network and UMTS, you can simply rely on it for substantial connectivity. Though, the phone comes with 180MB of internal memory, but there is not any slot for replaceable memory card, which makes you feel like cramped. It also supports Video calling via HSDPA technology, but more depends on the network service provider than the handset itself. Like other 3G phones, the LG U830 also allows you to share all your data by synchronizing or transferring to any other compatible devices either via Bluetooth or USB. Thus, this enticing handset does not only attract but it also delivers.

LG U830 .

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LG U830 - Stylish and Intelligent
By: Samuel Herrick

Known for its luxurious mobile products, the company again introduces a new mobile phone, the LG U830 - a perfect combination of style with perfection. Adding more power with 3G technology, the device always keeps your ahead of time. Packed with high-end features, the device takes care of your personal as well as professional world with ease. Hold the device in your hand and enjoy browsing exciting and fun features, anytime-anywhere.

Inspired by its predecessor, the most popular LG chocolate, the new LGU830 has been distinctively designed and more new features have been added to suit consumers needs. With mirror finish material, the device accentuates seductive feel to the user. To add more zing, the phone comes in a sleek piano clamshell form. Featuring a wide QVGA screen, it provides an excellent interface for watching phone features. With a thickness of only 14.8mm, the device is very slim and easily slips into the pocket.

Boasting a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, the LG U830 is an excellent camera phone. Shoot pictures and share with friends and family via MMS and email. With an in-built memory of 200MB, there is enough space to save images. And via Bluetooth wireless technology, you can transfer music tracks, videos and images without using a wire. Bluetooth is one of the most important features in most of the mobile phones. Go wireless and feel the freedom on the move.

Powered by HSDPA (3.5G), the LG U830 offers connectivity ease. Enjoy sharing fast data swiftly or browse broadband speed mobile Internet. Send and receive emails or check news updates. With LG U830, you are always connected with the world. The LG U830 in addition to its stunning looks never compromises on phone features. Let's have more fun with the LG U830 - your ideal choice.

Samuel Herrick writes about mobile phones, get contract mobile deals on LG Mobile Phones.

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LG U830 - Communicate the Stylish Way
By: Caitlin Lucy

Together with the famous Chocolate phone, LG also launched its clamshell version, the KG810 or 'Chocolate Folder'. The new LG U830 is the updated version of the KG 810, with new and upgraded features. The LG U830 retains the style genes inherited from its family and at the same time equipped with 3G functionality. The handset looks very fashionable in its classic clamshell with the TFT screen. The internal display delivers up to 256K colors giving you very high picture resolution. If that is not good enough, you even have the option of Streaming TV.

The handset has an integrated VGA camera for video calling to talk 'face-to-face' with anyone over the phone. If you want to click a few pictures, the integrated 2.0 megapixel camera comes very handy. The camera also supports video recording so that you can catch live action whenever the need be. The phone has a decent 185 Mb on-board memory. The built in media player plays MP3, AAC, AAC+ formats as well as various video files. Listen to your favorite tune in mesmerizing sound quality or watch a clip in high quality video. Enjoy them wirelessly on your Bluetooth stereo headphones. The whole world of media entertainment is in your hand with the LG U830.

The handset supports GSM Tri-band and UMTS network, so you can travel across continents seamlessly without worrying about network coverage. The phone also gives you HSDPA connectivity, apart from traditional GPRS. Broadband like Internet speed is now a reality with the superior technology incorporated in the LG U840. Check and send emails or just browse the Net, or compete against yourself with all the built in Java games. The LG U840 keeps you connected and entertained all the time. The beauty of the LG U870 lies in its simplicity and its finesses in performing 3G functions. LG U830

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LG U830 - With Luxury and Style
By: Jack Daniel

LG is a well known name in the list of e-good manufacturers. The launch of newly released U830 has given a tough competition to mid range mobile phones. To boost of phone, it has great looks, user-friendly interface and latest innovative capabilities which throbs the heart of millions. The handset is designed keeping in mind 'Next Generation' people. The handset not only offers calling and receiving but also focuses on web browsing, video playback, photo capturing, Java embedded games, FM radio and high-end connectivity. With this multimedia functions, handset offers user with a plethora of choices.

The new LG U830 is updated version enriched with new and upgraded features compared to its predecessor LG KG 810. The handset gives an essence of luxury and style on hold. The classic clamshell phone comes with TFT internal screen that displays 256K colours and gives high pictures resolution. The handset is integrated with dual camera i.e. VGA camera and megapixel camera. The VGA camera is used for video calling to talk 'face-to-face' with anyone who possesses video calling option in his handset. Though, built-in 2 megapixel camera enables user to enjoy still and video photography. Something for musical spree, handset supports music player that can be play different music files like MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA. Furthermore, user can tune into FM radio to know about latest songs and news updates.

While talking on LG U830, user finds excellent voice quality and clarity, well this is because handset is backed with GSM Triband and UMTS network. So, user can easily talk to his friends across the world. Apart from traditional GPRS, phone also supports HSDPA connectivity for fast data transfer. User can send and receive mails using mobile internet as it comes with WAP 2.0/x HTML to access the net.

Jack Daniel is an expert author and the webmaster of LG U830. The website having details of Laptops and Sim Free Phones.

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