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LG U400 Mobile Phone Review

By: Mark Hirst

The LG U400 is one of the few mobile phones that is equipped with a scroll wheel. A scroll wheel allows you to easily navigate through MP3s, contacts and the rest of the menu. The LG U400 not only has 3G with video calling. It also has an expandable 512 MB microSD slot, a 2 MP camera, stereo speakers and Bluetooth capabilities.

The glossy black case looks similar in color to the Chocolate phone but is chunkier at 48mm wide by 100mm tall by 20mm thick. The LG U400 is minus the smooth appearance and the glowing red lights of the Chocolate. The LG U400 has a target market of MP3 players, with the features aimed more toward music players than phone conversationalists.

The scroll wheel lets you navigate through tracks and through the menu in the same way you would on an iPod only with a mechanical wheel. Or, you can use it like a four-way navigation rocker. Beside the scroll wheel are the two soft keys and below the scroll wheel is the menu button leading to the LG U400 round menu. To the right of the scroll wheel you find the cancel/lock key, and the send and end call keys.

The colour screen is located above the scroll wheel and displays 262k colours. The display screen measures 30 mm wide by 41 mm tall. The .3 megapixel VGA camera is located on the top right side of the front section and is intended for photocalls.

You can listen to music with the included headphones, through your own headset and the adapter, using the speakerphone mode or wirelessly via the stereo Bluetooth headset and A2DP. The video player will play MPEG-4, H.263 and WMV videos, while the MP3 players supports WMA, MP3, AMR, ADPCM, AAC+, and AAC.

The 2 MP camera has an LED photo light for shooting still pictures and video. There is 68 MB internal memory or you can use the microSD clot. You can also use the USB cable to transfer data, or you can purchase a USB card reader.

Other listed features include melody composer, voice recorder, web browser, memo pad, to do list, Java games, calculator, alarm clock and calendar.

The battery life is rated at 295 hours for standby and 3.9 hours of talk time.

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