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Mercedes-Benz - ML
New Mercedes-Benz - ML Review

By: N Beardmore

The new Mercedes ML is a proper 4x4 crossover, but then it had to be. The previous model ML was never the car it could have been, so when Mercedes designed the new ML, it had a lot of issues to address before it could become a great car. Luckily, when there is a real challenge to be had Mercedes are good at coming through. The new ML is such a good car, its as good as any of its competition on road, but also with the rarity of being very well accomplished off road too (although real off road competence does require some extras from the options list).

Eternally the new Merc ML looks much better. This is of course only personal opinion, but you try and find someone who doesn't agree. It really does look great with a much more rounded feel and a nose that is achingly good looking for a 4x4.

Internally the improvements have really come a long way. All the materials used are not just of a high quality, but of the kind of quality you would expect in Mercedes of old. It feels like Mercedes have tried to see if they really can still produce an exceptional car with this new ML. There are little touches like brushed aluminum on the air vents that really set it apart. There is of course seating for 5 adults and plenty of room for their luggage.

Standard kit of all ML model variants is great, with everything you would expect and more. Leather does require you move up to the SE spec, and the off-road pack is a cost option on all models.

The handling and performance has been improved with the rest of the new Mercedes ML. With the use of a new chassis the handling is now much more responsive and the ride smooth on even our UK roads. With a range of superb engines from a 272bhp 3.5-litre V6 petrol to the blistering 503bhp AMG version, plus an assortment of petrol and diesel engines in between the biggest problem is deciding which one suits your tastes best.

In conclusion, the ML is now the car it always should have been& a great one.


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